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Windows Devices - 2013 - Present

Touchpad - Project: Image


Design a new set of touchpad gestures for Windows 10.

Manufacturers approached Microsoft with the ability to capture 4 and 5 unique touchpoints in new laptop touchpads. At the same time, a new touch interface was being developed for Windows. We had a chance to develop a suite of touchpad gestures that would help users manage multiple windows, desktops, and fluidly navigate between their apps and surfaces.

Reconciling window management in a multi-modal world took an understanding of users' perceptions of their impact on space. Extensive user research would be conducted on both physical limitations and cognitive perceptions of the meaning behind certain gestures.

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Touchpad - Project: Text
Touchpad - Project: Pro Gallery
Design Spec
Touchpad - Project: Image
Touchpad - Project: Image
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