I am a product and design leader who takes a user-centric approach to her work. I lead managers and diverse teams focused on conversational interactions, operating systems, and health tech interfaces that deliver meaningful experiences to users. A student of fine arts, psychology, and design, I lecture and provide strategic consulting in addition to leading design and product teams.



You can understand a lot about a person by their learning about the relationships they keep with their colleagues. Below are a few recent comments about working with me, written by former colleagues on LinkedIn.

Emily is one of those leaders who can inspire, support and spur you on all at the same time. With her, refreshingly in this constantly evolving world, you know exactly the direction you’re going. I learned so much about Product Design from her, but also, without it ever being explicit, about how to manage high-performance teams effectively.
It was huge fun working with Emily, and even more than that I knew that I was being my best self.

Ozlem Williams

From the moment I interviewed Emily I saw that she was an absolute powerhouse. She was an amazing addition to the team, her work was superb no matter what she turned her hand to, and her positivity and enthusiasm made her a fantastic colleague. She originally joined us to deliver our voice strategy, then she delivered a new women’s health strategy and product, then she moved to product management where her combination of business skills and design thinking resulted in her being excellent product manager. I have learned a lot from Emily and her leadership skills and how generous she is with sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Jane Austin

Emily has been a fantastic colleague and mentor. I am a better designer and leader as a direct result of working with her. As our tribes product director, Emily has supported my team and led our tribe to achieve incredible results in a short space of time. Emily’s level of empathy, strategic vision and relationship building are second to none. I trust her leadership implicitly.
She is the leader I aspire to be.

Michael Owen


Early on in my process, I prefer analog to digital, whenever possible.

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I've collected some bite-sized bullet points that are a mix of anecdotes, conversation-starters, and stories worth sharing.

  • I provide pro-bono coaching and lectures for students, early-career women, and minorities hoping to enter or thrive in tech.

  • I have four US patents for my work. ​​

  • One of my favorite (of 8) internships I held, was in doing exhibition design at the New York Historical Society. Navigating a physical space is incredibly similar to digital user journeys.

  • A fan of natural environments for user testing, I've run user research out of an AirBnB.

  • I've worked on projects based in Rwanda, Japan, the US and Israel and thus I take a global view in favor of systems that support international scale. ​​

  • I have a published citation of my Masters thesis on Hospital Fall prevention. 





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Following on from my arts education at Parsons, today I paint as a hobby. My work is primarily oil paint focused on still life and landscape compositions.